Shingles Symptoms: Symptoms of Shingles
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Shingles Symptoms: Symptoms of Shingles

Learn Shingle Symptoms now....Shingles, which is also, referred as to harpers zoster is a disease that results from the reactivation of previous infections of herpes zoster virus or chickenpox virus.

Shingles, which is also, referred as to harpers zoster is a disease that results from the reactivation of previous infections of herpes zoster virus or chickenpox virus. The disease is not, or related to the herpes virus which is sexually transmitted. Once you have suffered from chickenpox, the virus remains dormant in the nerves system as it never gets cleared completely. When you are under emotional stress, cancer, AIDS or have undergone chemotherapy and your immunity is deficient, the virus does reactivate itself and you develop shingles. There are a number of shingles symptoms which you should be on watch over to ensure that you are not developing this disease.

The first and most common symptom of this disease is developing pain or sensitivity that is extreme in the broad band on a single side of the body. This is the place where individual nerves emanating from the spinal cord function. The sensation is many a times itchy, aching constantly, burning, shooting, tingling or shooting. For some extreme cases, the pain is so much that a light breeze could cause discomfort. In addition to that, some patients get so disabled until they cannot carry out their daily businesses as usual. Similar symptoms also develop in the face and particularly around your eyes. You need to see a doctor with urgency. This is because shingles can cause temporary or even permanent blindness.

Once the pain begins, three days later, you will have the raised rashes and they come in the area where you felt the pain. These painful skin rashes normally come out in single localized place. The rashes are fluid filled and look sac like and they tend to be red. The rushes often disappear but the pain as a result of the shingles infection will persist for some people. At times, this pus filled blisters normally scabs in their 10 to about 12 days. Some patients however experience the pain without the blisters forming. The moment the rash finally disappears, normally within duration of two weeks there will be a scarring that will occur.

For the patients whose pain persists after the rash has disappeared, it is due to the fact that they have developed postherpetic neuralgia. About 15% of the people who suffer from shingles have these pain persisting. Your skin will return to normal in a period of 4 to six week and it is not easy to know that you suffered from shingles. When you have shingles, you will have lymph nodes that are tender or swollen; you may have stomach upsets and even feel very ill. This however may not be the obvious shingles symptoms to look for.

There are other symptoms of shingles that are not specific to this condition but they may be an indicator if you have other the above mentioned symptoms. You will have fever, chills, itching as well as a headache. If you have the above mentioned symptoms together with these non specific ones, there are higher chances you have shingles and you need to seek medical attention. Pregnant women are likely to infect their children with smallpox which may have other profound effects.

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