Plantar Warts: Remedies and Treatment
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Plantar Warts: Remedies and Treatment

A plantar wart is a type of skin disease which is caused by a virus that have penetrated the sole of the foot through an open wound or crack. The virus itself is not cancerous and is treatable, it might be irritating and painful when it grows on areas where pressure will be applied like the heel of the foot. If left untreated, the wart will later spread. Remedies which include salt solutions and vinegar compress, and also treatment like operation and the salicylic acid/cream.

There are different types of warts, there are warts growing on hands, feet and face. Plantar warts are one of the most common types of warts. It commonly grows on the sole of the feet. It is caused by a virus that could have entered the skin through a crack or an opening. Though the virus is not cancerous and will not lead to skin cancer or tumors, it might be very painful and irritating when it grows on certain points of the feet where pressure is applied like on the heels. The wart will later spread if left untreated.

Different types of remedies and cure vary from person to person; some say that finding a remedy is dependent on a certain types of person. Some remedies might not work but have worked on others.

1.)    Salt solution- Salt is known to kill bacteria and as anti-septic. Placing salt on hot water will help decrease the wart’s size. Keep repeating the process in a daily basis and it might also take some time. Salt content in the water will vary depending on the amount of water being used, but recommended is as many as possible.

2.)    Vinegar compress- This is also one of the most common and most effective types. Have a cotton ball and put some vinegar into it, place it on the wart and tape it in place for at least the whole night. Recommended types of vinegar are apple and white, but all types of vinegar can be used, the most effective are those that contain large amounts of acetic acid.

3.)    Over the counter Salicylic acid/cream- This is the prescribed way for some people who seek for real medical attention. Just by placing the cream over the wart, there would be pain, the skin will start to blister and rip off. Along with the skin that would be ripped off is the wart. Though this is not recommended for people who have warts are as old as almost a year, the cream might not blister or penetrate through to get the entire wart out leading to an open wound.

4.)    Operation- This is the final resort and for those who want a direct cure or for those people who already have a very large wart. The wart will be simply removed through operation, removing the wart by opening the skin and taking it out. Healing process might take over a long period of time depending on the size of the wound.

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