Hypopigmentation Treatment
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Hypopigmentation Treatment

Hypopigmentation or Vitiligo is a skin condition that can leave white spots on the skin, and is caused by a lack of melanin in patches of the skin. One famous sufferer of this condition was the late Michael Jackson, who took a more drastic approach to hypopigmentation treatment, by changing all of his skin from black to white.

Hypopigmentation Cure: Treatment With Ginger Roots

Hypopigmentation also known as Vitiligo is a skin condition that occurs when a lack of melanin is produced in the skin cells leaving lighter white spots on the skin which can be found on all parts of the body, not to be confused with hyperpigmentation which shows a darker spotted pigmentation on the skin, usually caused by sun damage.

Hypopigmentation damage to the skin can occur after laser hair removal, taking contraceptive pill, topical creams (including hydrocortisone cream), that can burn your skin, pregnancy and acne scarring.

It troubles many individuals not having the even skin tone that we all desire and the treatments are quite costly like expensive prescription topical creams, brightening serums, laser treatment, deep chemical peels, ultraviolet sessions and they don’t always work.

One very famous person who also had this skin condition was the late Michael Jackson, who took the drastic step of changing his whole skin color to cover up the condition. 

After some research I have stumbled across a less expensive alternative eastern medicine treatment that teaches the skin cells to start producing melanin. It works by mimicking its neighbouring cells, hence returning pigment activity to the white spots where melanocytes are not present, and the great news is it is easily accessible to everyone by simply purchasing the well known ginger roots from your local supermarket.

I have heard about great results from incorporating a ginger regime into your facial routine. All you need to do to cure hypo pigmentation is simply cut a thin fresh slice of ginger and wipe over the white spotted skin areas this requires minimal effort just persistence. No need to rub, you don’t want to irritate your skin.

It is highly recommended that you are consistent with the use of the ginger root treatment, you may notice a more even skin tone which is namely described as “blending” results in 3-12 weeks be sure to use several times a day for more effective results, continue over a period of 6 months. Remember to cut a fresh slice on each application.

Safe Treatment For Hypopigmentation

You would be silly not to try the ginger root treatment as it is cost effective, produces results and is natural. Here are some quotes from other users.

“WHAT I SAW WAS A MIRACLE. After five years of NO change, I noticed that, in one month, the spot got SMALLER, the overall skin tone of the spot got CLOSER to my actual skin tone, and, more impressively, there are areas INSIDE the SPOT in which my actual skin colour has returned COMPLETELY.”

“It’s just chemistry and Eastern medicine. It's been only six months and I almost got rid of my spot completely. I have also given up the make-up, and I send all the gratitude in my heart to a nameless Chinese man who gave me my skin back”

“It’s been a week since I am using ginger juice on my arms and my marks have been starting to blend in”

“Have been using it 1-2 times a day or as often as I can remember for the past two months", there is definitely a difference.  My skin is becoming more blended!”  

The results speak for themselves, sometimes the best treatments and cures come from ancient traditional medicine, and not modern science. For more information on hypopigmentation treatments, check out the products from Stacked Skincare on this page if you want to find out more about chemical solutions for the more severe cases. 

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Fresh ginger is wonder stuff!