Ayurveda Analysis of Urticaria: Incompatible Diet Causes Skin Allergy
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Ayurveda Analysis of Urticaria: Incompatible Diet Causes Skin Allergy

Ayurveda counsels Urticaria or skin allergy may result from diet incompatibility.

When at times your skin might experience a variety of symptoms like intense itching, wheels and burning sensation; it might be urticaria which is a skin allergy.

Urticaria Symptoms denote skin allergy

• Intense itching all over the body

• Eruptions of wheels and rings on the skin

• Diffuse swelling beneath the skin

• Due to regular itching, the area of rash is painful with burning sensation.

• If the ailment of urticaria gets severe, the signs of vomiting and fever might crop up.

Ayurveda view of Urticaria - Skin Allergy roots from Incompatible Diet

According to Ayurveda, all the three doshas or body humors are believed to be imbalanced or aggravated in the skin allergy condition of urticaria.

• The vatta dosha or the air humor when aggravated combines with vitiated pitta or the fire and kapha or the phlegm and this creates skin allergy disorder of urticaria in the body system.

• In urticaria, itching in the skin is generally due to the aggravated kapha, burning sensation and sometimes fever and nausea due to pitta imbalance and the undue increase in vatta causes pain.

Ayurveda relates Urticaria Skin allergy to Toxicity due to Incompatibe Diet

Ayurveda believes the skin allergy of urticaria erupts mainly due to incompatible diet intake. Therefore, lot of stress has been laid on suitable and compatible diet and food habits. Some of the diet combinations result in production of toxicity due to their being conflicting by nature. This incompatible diet is called Virudh Aahar in Ayurveda text and is believed to be the root cause of urticaria or skin allergy.

• Intake of diet that is conflicting in properties is regarded as incompatible. Taking diet with hot and a cold potency simultaneously would generate toxicity.

• Incompatible diet sometimes converses with the type of climate. For example intake of more food stuff that is warm in action during summer like eating dry fruits in summer.

• Incompatible diet is also that which opposes the digestive powers like taking of a heavy meal by a person with lesser digestive powers.

• Incompatible diet is at times conflicting in quantity. Honey and ghee when taken in equal quantities results in toxicity.

• Skin allergy of urticaria may arise from incompatible diet due to natural discrepancy. Taking fish with milk is an example cited in this category.

• Sometimes incompatible diet is repulsive to the basic innate body constitution. This happens when a person with particular constitution takes more of the diet which further aggravates the dosha. For example, skin allergy manifests easily when a person with increased pitta or fire humor keeps on eating hot, fried and spicy food.

• Some diet products become incompatible when taken after eating something. Cold water after eating ghee is considered incompatible diet and renders toxicity which further results into forming skin allergy.

Ayurveda cautions incompatible diet which causes toxicity and further creates an impurity in the blood stream resulting in production of skin disease of urticaria.

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Diet is really important in maintaining a healthy and glowing skin. There are many products that could be used for the maintenance of a healthy skin. However, I still prefer to use natural skin care products rather than chemically made. Thanks for sharing this informative article, voted and shared.

Many thanks Mark for your kind comment and effort.