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Skin Conditions
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Wrinkles are bound to appear on the skin of a person as time subdue. As you age wrinkles settle on your skin. This is nature. Your skin would have a tendency to loosen and show up wrinkles all over. Women worry about this to a greater extent than men. Wrinkles tend to make people look older with age.
Published by Ron Siojo 98 months ago in Skin Conditions | +19 votes | 11 comments
An overview of dyshidrosis, also known as dyshidrotic eczema or pompholyx, a painful skin condition.
Published by Sheila Holloway 98 months ago in Skin Conditions | +19 votes | 7 comments
Published by Pearl Wilson 80 months ago in Skin Conditions | +17 votes | 9 comments
The skin, or integument, is much more than a simple wrapping around our bodies. It is an active and versatile organ which is waterproof so that we do not dry up in the heat or melt in the rain, and it protects us from the damaging radiation of sunlight.
Published by Mr Ghaz 98 months ago in Skin Conditions | +17 votes | 8 comments
The body produces oil to keep the skin healthy, but too much of it can leave your face looking so oily, lead to acne flare-ups and blemishes. There are a lot of ways to tone down this oiliness. You can seek the help of a dermatologist to get the right products for your oily skin or you may also buy some over-the-counter cleansers and lotions.
Published by Alma Galvez 87 months ago in Skin Conditions | +16 votes | 5 comments
A birthmark is an unusual or abnormal mark that appears on the skin of an individual at the time of birth. Some birthmarks lose themselves in the abyss of time, while some somehow manage to linger on and donÂ’t really go anywhere. In other words, some birthmarks are temporary, while the rest are as good as permanent.
Published by Ron Siojo 99 months ago in Skin Conditions | +16 votes | 14 comments
This interesting shrub/tree is not only pretty but extremely useful almost like a medicine bag in a bottle. Read about the fascinating way this plant propagates itself.
Published by Judy Sheldon 92 months ago in Skin Conditions | +15 votes | 18 comments
Loose skin or sagging muscles from aging or (the worst) the after-effect weight loss put one considerably insecure or in anxiety. A beautiful and fit body calls for a glowing fit skin. But no matter how much glow your face radiates, if your skin is loose, the entire glow and look of the skin would just melt away and fail to make an impression.
Published by Ron Siojo 98 months ago in Skin Conditions | +15 votes | 14 comments
There are several types of skin dermatitis, which is described as being a skin rash that can be itchy, red, oozing, crusty, scaly or swollen. When a Dermatologist or other doctor diagnoses dermatitis, a topical cream or an oral prescription drug is usually prescribed to treat it. Although these therapies work, they do not get to the root cause of the irritation. It is important to follow the doctor's orders to treat the rash but it is also important to try to prevent the condition from coming ...
Published by Cynthia Roberts 101 months ago in Skin Conditions | +12 votes | 4 comments
Published by Mustafa Alkan 112 months ago in Skin Conditions | +12 votes | 0 comments
The pre-cancerous skin condition known as actinic keratosis can be prevented with a proper skin regime
Published by carol roach 87 months ago in Skin Conditions | +11 votes | 5 comments
Skin cancers that are linked to too much exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays are the most common form of cancer.
Published by Aileen P. N. 87 months ago in Skin Conditions | +11 votes | 9 comments
An Overview of Necrotizing Fasciitis better known as the "flesh eating bacteria"
Published by Jamie Myles 89 months ago in Skin Conditions | +11 votes | 6 comments
Various simple remedies have proved effective in healing the burns fast. Here are presented a few home remedies for minor burns.
Published by Bristow 90 months ago in Skin Conditions | +11 votes | 6 comments
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